Washington State Transportation Bill Dead for 2013

This morning House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn and Senate Transportation Co-Chair Curtis King told a group the transportation bill is dead for 2013.  Negotiations will continue, and a bill could pass during the first week of January.  However, Clibborn also said that if there was no deal by December January 13th, after weeks  and weeks of negotiations, she is done,  it will be extremely difficult to pass a bill in the [new] legislative session beginning on January 13th. Senator King has said essentially the same thing.  That’s primarily because all pieces of the bill (for example, the labor and environmental reforms) would have to move through their respective committees of jurisdiction.  Passage out of those committees is questionable.

Looking for a long-shot silver lining? It’s conceivable, if unlikely, that a deal could be so close that the bills move through committees quickly, and a bill get passed.  Or that they get close enough that a quick special session is called in the Spring.  But don’t bet money on it.

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