Wash. State Transportation Construction Market Will Regress in 2013

Declining funding is a key transportation issue for 2013 in most states. Image – ARTBA 2013 Annual Forecast Report.

Washington State is predicted to regress on 6 of 10 transportation construction market forecast measures in 2013 compared to recent years, according to a national interest group.  Over all, the nation’s transportation construction infrastructure market is expected to show modest growth in 2013, increasing three percent from $126.5 billion to $130.3 billion.

Each year the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) conducts transportation construction market forecast, looking at all fifty states individually. It also looks a various sectors such as Bridges and Tunnels, Ports and Waterways, and Railroads, Subways, Light & Higher Speed Rail. Learn more from the ARTBA news release.

Here’s how Washington State stacks up. Of course, if the State Legislature and Governor Inslee enact a transportation investment bill the outlook would change dramatically.


The complete report is available from ARTBA for $25 at this webpage.

Learn more about Washington State’s transportation issues from our story Challenge for Washington’s New Governor: Economic Competitiveness and Transportation Issues.


1 – The outlook is based on changes in the real value of state and local government contract awards, a leading indicator of market activity and does not include private investment. Nominal data is provided by McGraw Hill and weighted with the ARTBA Price Index to account for project costs. Annual awards are for the most recent 12–‐months through October 2012. Readers are advised that this does not include additional market activity that may be planned. More detailed information is available for purchase from the ARTBA Economics and Research team.
Economics and Research team.