Video: Impact of One Year of Separated Bike Lanes in One City

Separated bike lanes made Long Beach downtown streets safer, and more appealing for bicyclists and pedestrians. Image –

The City of Long Beach, California, uses video to explain the results of creating two separated bike lanes 18 months ago.

The City’s goals were to make downtown streets safer for cyclists and to make the area more cycling and walking friendly.  One surprising result – vehicle-on-vehicle crashes were reduced.

Alan Crawford, Bike Coordinate for City of Long Beach, narrates the short video and explains the results:

To recap:

One year after installation bike ridership has increased by 33% along the street, pedestrian use has increased by nearly 15%,  bike accidents are down 80 percent from 5 per year to 1, vehicle accidents are down nearly 50% from over 90 per year to fewer than 50 and the number of bicyclists on the sidewalk has decreased by 50%.