USDOT TIGER III Grant Awards Announced (updated Wednesday 5pm ET)

A number of TIGER III grant announcements are leaking out in advance of the official USDOT announcement.  USDOT is required by law to notify Senate and House Appropriations Committee Members three days prior to a USDOT announcement.  In many cases, those early announcements leak out before USDOT can make its announcement, which is most likely to occur Thursday morning.  Note: e-newsletter subscribers will receive the complete list of awards soon.  See the green box at right to sign up.

Below are the awards leaked so far. I’ll be updating this story on the website as more awards are revealed. If you know of an award please contact me and I’ll add it.

$15m for Interstate 5 / Joint Base Lewis-McChord improvements, Washington State

$17.7m for the Sellwood Bridge replacement in Multnomah County, Oregon

$20m for Interstate 70 corridor roadway improvements in St. Louis

$10m for rail improvements at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida

$13.8m for a new multimodal transportation center in Alton, Illinois

$20m for CTA Blue Line & Chicago Bike Share program, Chicago, Illinois

$10.4m for Illinois Route 83 reconstruction of 2 mile span

$12.1m for the Interstate 95 access ramp in Orangeburg County, South Carolina

$10m for Connective Corridor, a pedestrian-and bike-friendly streetscape link, Syracuse, New York

$10.8m for replacing the Kennebec Bridge, Maine

$15m for a downtown Buffalo street improvement/community revitalization, New York

$18m for Charlotte’s LYNX Blue Line Light Rail expansion, North Carolina

$15m for VIA’s planned West Side Multimodal Center, San Antonio, Texas


Updates (now in order of most recently added):

$10m for railroad track and bridge improvements, North Dakota

$12.5m to relocate and construct the Mayfield Road Transit station, Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Ohio

s18.5m to repair the DelAir Bridge which links the rail networks of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Alem County, New Jersey

$10m for Sound Transit South Link (light rail) extension, Seattle, Washington

$10.9m for Cincinnati Streetcar

$10m to upgrade over 100 traffic signals along three transit arteries covering nearly 16 miles, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

$9.98m for Port of Northern Montana Multimodal Hub, Shelby, Montana

$2.5m for the Smith River Rancheria U.S. Highway 1  improvements, California



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