Transportation Murals from the U.S. Capitol: Canal and Locks

Along the Erie Canal at Lockport, New York, horses are shown pulling the barges that have just gone through the locks. Image: Office of the Architect of the Capitol.

The U.S. Capitol has a number of murals and many feature aspects of transportation.  This mural depicts Canal and Locks.

From the Architect of the Capitol:

Canal and Locks
EverGreene Painting Studios
Oil on Canvas
Westward Expansion Corridor, Cox Corridors, U.S. Capitol

In 1993-1994 the third series of murals, based on Cox’s approved designs, was executed in the western north-south corridor by EverGreene Painting Studios, Inc. Called the Westward Expansion corridor, it includes maps and scenes showing the growth of the United States from early exploration through the acquisition of Alaska and Hawaii. As in the corridors that Cox executed, the scenes on the vaults are set above illusionistic architectural motifs and relief sculpture. Each map in the vaults is shown in the cartographic style appropriate to its historical period. Jeffrey Greene, the head of EverGreene Painting Studios, verified the geographical and historical accuracy of Cox’s preliminary sketches, developed new scenes compatible with Cox’s concept, and then submitted detailed sketches and small-scale oil paintings of each vault to the Architect of the Capitol for the necessary approval.