Transportation Issues Daily Going on Hiatus

It is with deeply mixed emotions that I announce our blog and newsletter are going on hiatus. I’ve accepted the position of Chief of Staff for the Port of Seattle Commission. At this point it is unclear if or to what degree the blog and nelead_largewsletter might continue. I will continue to be active on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This is sudden and unanticipated, I realize. Honestly, I wasn’t looking to end TID. But an opportunity came up that was simply too good to resist – a chance to join and lead a team, to work on complicated challenges, and be in the midst of national and regional policy issues.



While I am extremely excited about my new opportunity, I’m sad to leave behind TID as we know it.

TID started off as an unproven concept, launched on a hunch. Would there be interest in an email/web-based publication covering all transportation modes? That was non-partisan? That was opinion-free (well, almost always)? That was NOT anti-roads, anti-bikes, anti-transit, or anti-something?

You answered yes. I thought eventually maybe 500 would subscribe eventually; gradually, over 2000 of you subscribed, representing all fifty states.

When I joined twitter, I thought maybe a few hundred would follow us. Over 4100 now follow TID; including many from outside the U.S.

Most rewarding was the interaction with you. Learning more about your project, how transportation impacts your community or business, or more about transportation issues.

I hope to continue publishing, perhaps focusing on analysis stories instead of reporting-oriented stories.

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