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“As a small business and innovator in the transportation sector, it can be expensive to reach our target market through a trusted source. Not so with Transpo Issues Daily. AirSage has found great success advertising in TID’s newsletters and website – attracting the right audience and increasing our monthly webinar registrants by over 2X. I highly recommend and appreciate the value and exposure. And Larry is a pretty great guy to work with too!” Andrea Moe, VP, Product Management and Marketing, AirSage  (November 2014)

“I have been involved in transportation policy issues at the local and federal level for more than 30 years and find your information most helpful.  Virginia Ainslie

“Your reporting on transportation news is timely and useful for our Tribe. I was impressed with your presentation at the Tribal Transportation Conference.” Gordon Nielson, Planner, Skokomish Tribe

Transportation Issues Daily provides me with the key details of legislation that affects how we deliver transportation planning services to cities, counties and ports here in our corner of SW Washington.” Rosemary Siipola, SWRTPO, Kelso, WA

Transportation Issues Daily is a ‘must read’ for industry insiders for key analysis and insight into what is currently happening and what will likely happen.” Mickey Ferrell, Ferrell & Killin, LLC (and former Colorado DOT Government Relations executive)

Transportation Issues Daily is a must read site for busy professionals looking for a unique insight into the ever evolving world of transportation policy. This year, Transportation Issue Daily’s analysis of the transportation reauthorization development in Congress has been invaluable to me with its easy to read, non-partisan breakdowns of the legislation’s complex provisions. Transportation Issues Daily has also helped me shape my organization’s federal infrastructure policy positions when elected officials and their staff were seeking our perspective. RJ Cervantes, Transportation Policy Coordinator, California Trucking Association

“To stay well informed about timely and critical federal transportation issues affecting the Greater Puget Sound region and the City of Bellevue,  Transportation Issues Daily newsletter provides a rare insider’s view into Washington’s considerations and provides valuable information that helps us activate swiftly on key transportation issues across a wide spectrum of topics. Transportation Issues Daily is a must have resource for transportation professionals. Kim Becklund, Transportation Policy Advisor, City of Bellevue, WA

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