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Our publication is on hiatus as of January 2014.

If you’re already convinced you want to subscribe then please contact me with your name, email, company and job title, city and state. Let me know if you want the complimentary or premium (see rates below) subscription.

For about $10 a month, premium subscribers receive a weekly e-newsletter* with more information, and access to all stories and reports on the website.  The newsletter arrives in your inbox early Monday morning with exclusive content not on the website. It also outlines upcoming transportation-related Congressional and Administration activities, and reviews the previous week’s activities. Most stories contain links to congressional hearing webcasts and briefing materials when available in case you want to learn more.

 As a premium subscriber you also will receive occasional special stories in advance (such as grant announcements, or analysis of committee legislative activity), or stories offering analysis going beyond what’s available on the webpage.

Transportation Issues Daily (TID) saves you time and keeps you informed by delivering policy and funding news and analysis of all transportation modes in brief, easy-to-read language, from a balanced, non-partisan perspective. You’ll find TID to be the one-stop, quick-read and affordable summary and analysis of the most relevant and important information on transportation issues, and what it might mean for you.

Subscribe to Transportation Issues Daily today and start saving time while you keep up with what’s happening in transportation policy and funding.

Our low subscription rates are a great bargain for you:

Special September – November 30 rates:
1-2 subscribers: $30

3-5 subscribers: $75

6+ subscribers: $125

Congressional member and staff subscriptions are complimentary.


2014 subscriptions (December 2013 through November 2014):

1-2 subscribers: $129

3-5 subscribers: $325

6+ subscribers: $525

Congressional member and staff subscriptions are complimentary.


*We typically publish about 48 issues a year, skipping some weeks during the Congressional recesses in August, November and December.



One comment on “Subscription Information

  1. Mr. Ehl:

    I really like the content of your newsletter. I am a professional transportation planner with over 22 years of experience, and I have started my own company (transportation policy, planning) about three years ago. I was thinking of starting my own newsletter directed at existing or potential clients (MPOs, municipalities) but was wondering instead if you might be interested in partnering in some way, since I would focus on more regional/municipal policy issues and technical best practice. Either way, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter for myself ($100). Please let me know how to remit payment.

    Thank you,
    J. Scott Lane, Owner/Manager
    J. S. Lane Company, LLC

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