Sold Out Webinar – Innovative Approaches in Transportation

State DOT leaders coming up with innovative methods to move people and goods more safely, quickly and cleanly in the face of declining funding. It’s a popular issue: a12/12 webinar with capacity for 300 attendees is completely full. State and local transportation agency leaders are anxious to learn from each other.

If you aren’t registered for the webinar, you’ll just have to read the report (12.6mb pdf), The Innovative DOT: A handbook of policy and practice. Published last September,  it is “a handbook of policy and practice providing 31 recommendations senior state-level transportation officials can use as they position their agencies for success in the new economy. With DOT budget shortfalls growing, traditional means of delivering transportation services no longer meet today’s needs, and they are incapable of launching tomorrow’s economy.”

The authors intend the handbook to “be a living document, updated periodically with new and improved policies and practices.” Reader comments, suggestions and ideas for additional case studies are welcomed and encouraged.