Sierra Club Picks 50 Best and Worst Projects Nationwide

The Sierra Club has picked 50 projects that should be advanced or stopped, based on their ability to reduce dependance on oil and improve communities.

The Sierra Club has selected 50 transportation projects that would do the most, or the least, to improve the environment and reduce oil dependence. The projects that do the most are rated “GO,” while projects that do the least are rated “STOP.”

The report notes that

“Each year, America invests more than $200 billion in federal, state, and local tax dollars on transportation infrastructure-bridges and highways, aviation and waterways, public transit and sidewalks. But too often transportation projects undermine the higher national goals of reducing oil consumption, increasing safety, improving public health, and saving local, state or federal government-and citizens-money.”

It doesn’t appear that any highway projects made the “Go” list. Most of the “Go” projects are transit, rail and trail oriented. Conversely, it appears that every “Stop” project is a road project. The report might have a little more credibility beyond Sierra Club members if it could find a road project for the “Go” list and a transit, rail or bike-ped project to make the “Stop” list.

Still, it’s a well-written report chock full of good and interesting information and data. It’s worth your time to read.

The complete list of projects can be found here, and a map of the projects can be viewed here.