Roundup of Stakeholder Reaction to new Inslee WSDOT Secretary

A new director at the Wash. State DOT means changes in how transportation issues are handled.

Some pretty high expectations are already being set for Lynn Peterson, Governor Jay Inslee’s pick to lead WSDOT.  Here are some initial stakeholder reactions.  I’ll be in Olympia the next two days and once I get more reactions will update this post.  See our story about the announcement: Wash. Governor Inslee Selects New State DOT Director

Ben Schiendelman at Seattle Transit Blog comments: “In a move that shows a strong commitment to walkable, bikeable communities, transit, and sustainability in general, Governor Inslee has appointed Lynn Peterson to succeed Paula Hammond as Secretary of Transportation. . . .Peterson is very unlikely to support highway expansion over transit. She’s been a supporter of rail over road expansion in the past. This is great news for us, for our transit agencies, and for our climate.”

Evan Manvel, Director of Policy, Planning and Government Affairs for Cascade Bike Club observes: “We’re thrilled Governor Inslee is signaling a new approach to transportation, one that serves people who are working together to make neighborhoods safer for our children, while also protecting the climate. . ..She’ll bring a fresh perspective to one of Washington’s largest agencies.We look forward to partnering with her and WSDOT to invest in communities that are safe for people of all ages and abilities to bicycle in.”

Rex Burkholder, former (Portland region) Metro Councilor and founder of the Bicycle Alliance, says: “She’s an interesting choice. She’s smart, comes up with good ideas, and pushes innovative ideas like least-cost planning. One of her challenges will be to get ideas implemented. That’s always the challenge in change-making.”

David Goldberg of Transportation for America (and Seattle resident) commented “Lynn Peterson is an exciting choice for Washington. She is a forward-thinking and visionary transportation professional who also has a deep background in both local and state government. Under her leadership, Washington can expect to see hard-nosed attention to making the most of existing roads, bridges and transit along with bold steps to take advantage of the technological and demographic changes that are propelling us into an exciting but uncertain future. Tomorrow’s DOTs need to look very different from yesterday’s, and leaders like Peterson can help show the way.”

State Senate Democratic Leader Ed Murray described the new secretary as “a good appointment by the governor.  In fact, it’s a great appointment. She (Peterson) understands transportation as a multi-modal enterprise and not just highways,” Murray said.  “She represents the type of thinking that is needed at DOT.” (“A new state transportation secretary, Joel Connelly, Seattle



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