Ranking Democrat on Flight Delays: Congress Created this Problem, Congress Can End It (Video)

US Rep. Rick Larsen talks sequester and flight delays. Image - US Navy via Wikimedia

Representative Rick Larsen (Wa State) appeared on C-SPAN today to talk about the impact of sequestration on flights and travelers. Larsen is the Ranking Democrat on the House Transportation’s Aviation Subcommittee.

Larsen addresses whether or not FAA has any flexibility under the sequester to move funds around and avoid FAA furloughs. Asked about what may happen in the short term, Larsen noted “I’m flying this weekend and I’m bringing an extra book.”

The C-SPAN video is below and runs about 40 minutes. The last 25 minutes or so is a Q&A with viewers. Much of the Q&A is on the FAA, the sequester and the budget. Since Larsen is also on the Armed Services Committee, some of the remaining issues covered include terrorism, drones, North Korea and immigration.

Here are a couple of topics Larsen addressed:

3:05 – Larsen explains why USDOT does not have the flexibility to shift funding and avoid furloughs of air traffic controllers.

5:10 – on Senate Majority Harry Reid’s proposal to restore sequestration cuts and delay the sequester for five months.

6:18 – predicting what happens in coming days as “anger boils over” regarding flight delays.

7:10 – discusses a court decision denying airline industry’s legal challenge to delay FAA furloughs
Later in the video Larsen also discusses the proposal to allow airline passengers to carry small knives onboard.