Pre-MAP 21 Reports

Here you will find links to many of the reports published during the SAFETEA-LU years in order to help Congress shape the next bill – what eventually became MAP-21

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SAFETEA-LU was enacted in 2005, expired on September 30, 2009 and was extended ten times until replaced by MAP-21 on July 6, 2012.

Other resources: View our MAP-21 stories here. Our MAP-21 Learning Center has links to stakeholder reports and summaries, bill text, and USDOT MAP-21 webpages. Our Federal Budget Learning Center has links to short, plain English overviews of where the money comes from, where it goes, how the process works. Our Recovery Act Transportation page has links to reports about the transportation program of the 2009 ARRA (Recovery / Stimulus) bill.


The SAFETEA-LU Commissions

SAFETEA-LU established two blue-ribbon panels to study and make recommendations about the future of federal transportation policy and funding. The purpose was to guide the creation of the next transportation bill.

Transportation for Tomorrow: Report of the National Surface Transportation Policy & Revenue Study Commission, December 2007

    National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission, February 2009 (website)


Government Accountability Office reports:

Surface Transportation: Restructured Federal Approach Needed for More Focused, Performance-Based, and Sustainable Programs, March 2008

Surface Transportation Programs: Proposals Highlight Key Issues and Challenges in Restructuring the Programs, June 2008

Highway Trust Fund: Options for Improving Sustainability and Mechanisms to Manage Solvency, June 2009


Stakeholder reports:

Bottom Line Report (identifying investment needs) and “Creating America’s Future Transportation System” Policy Summary Series, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (State DOTs)

Surface Transportation Policy position paper, National Governors’ Association, Winter 2011

Transportation & Infrastructure Finance, Council of State Governments, 2009

Blueprint: The Route to Reform, Transportation For America (coalition (co-chaired by Smart Growth America and Reconnecting America), May 2009

Performance Driven: A New Vision for U.S. Transportation Policy, National Transportation Policy Project of the Bipartisan Policy Center

Future Financing Options to Meet Highway and Transit Needs, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, December 2006

Financing Transportation in the 21st Century, National Conference of State Legislators, March 2008

Improving Transportation Options in Rural and Small Town Communities, Transportation For America

Policy Position on Surface Transportation Authorization, American Association of Ports Authorities

Reinvesting in America’s Transportation System Website, American Public Works Association

Recommendations for Reauthorization: A New Vision & Mission for America’s Federal Surface Transportation Program, American Road & Transportation Builders Association

On A Crash Course: The Dangers & Health Costs of Deficient Roadways, Transportation Construction Coalition

Transportation Authorization Information and Materials Page, National Association of Regional Councils

Surface Transportation Reauthorization Position Paper, National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association

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