Pennsylvania Invests $18.6m in Freight Rail Projects

CSX locomotive in East Saugatuck Hill, Mich. Image – Jim Thias, Flickr

Pennsylvania is investing over $18 million in 24 freight rail projects to improve businesses’ rail access, upgrade rail infrastructure and provide much-needed repairs. The grants leverage $6.8m in local investments. The Governor announced the grants in early November.

“Pennsylvania has the highest number of short-rail lines in the country, which helps keep goods moving and our economy going,” Governor Tom Corbett said. “When we invest in these rail projects, we help ensure a solid infrastructure is in place to support the jobs relying on these services.”

The grants were approved by the State Transportation Commission, which evaluates and assesses the resources needed to maintain and expand the state’s transportation system. The 15-member commission includes the Secretary of Transportation, ten private citizens appointed by the governor, and the majority and minority chairs of the state Senate and House Transportation Committees.

The five largest grants were:

  • Lycoming County: SEDA-COG — $3.5m to replace a railroad bridge over Loyalsock Creek that was destroyed as a result of flooding in 2011.
  • Indiana and Jefferson counties: Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad — $2.1 million to rehabilitate track in the Riker Yard and to expand track in Homer City.
  • McKean County: American Refining Group, Inc. — $1.9m to rehabilitate 3,700 feet of track and add new loading racks for the refining facility.
  • Allegheny County: Allegheny Valley Railroad Co. — $1.6m for the final phase of Glenwood Yard reconstruction.
  • Tioga County: D&I Silica — $1.6m to expand the company’s terminal in Wellsboro.

View the complete list of grant awards.

Source: PennDOT and the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association.