Part 2 – Cheat Sheet for MAP-21, New Federal Transportation Bill

A shortcut about some of the provisions in MAP-21, the federal transportation bill replacing SAFETEA-LU.

This is based on an initial skim of the bill (which was signed into law on July 6) and information gathered from others.  We’ll have more details on most of these aspects in the coming weeks.  See part one. (Also see our more recent MAP-21 coverage. Link to legislative text (1.4mb PDF, 599 pages) and a 91-page summary (pdf).

Program Consolidation: About 60 programs are eliminated or consolidated into four core programs

Keystone: Excluded

EPA/Coal Ash: Excluded

Environmental/Project Streamlining:  includes a number of provisions, including reductions in USDOT office funding if defined decision deadlines are not met

Complete Streets: Senate proposal not in final bill. Safety provisions require consideration of all users when constructing/repairing roads.

Transit benefit parity: not included in final bill

Performance measures: included for first time, directs states to set some targets and incorporate into planning and programming processes

National Highway Performance Program: new program formed by consolidating by consolidating –Interstate Maintenance, National Highway System and Highway Bridge programs

Ferries: funding to be distributed by formula instead of congressional discretion

National Strategic Plan: directs USDOT to identify projects of national and regional significance, and update it every two years

National Freight Program: Senate proposal were excluded from final bill. Does increase federal funding share of projects that meet certain freight criteria

High Risk Rural Roads: this funding set-aside is eliminated, but there are provisions for directing funding if fatalities increase.  Includes provision to maintain and expand intercity bus service and vanpooling.

Buy America: current law retained, refinement provisions not accepted

Transit Oriented Development: creates $10m pilot program for grants to communities with a New Starts Grant to do station area planning

Commuter Benefit: does not restore parity between parking and transit benefit

MPOs: retains current law. No tiering of MPOs or dissolution of smaller MPOs

Federal Lands Highways: reformed into Federal Lands and Tribal Transportation program.

Bus and Bus Facilities Program: this competitive grant program converted to formula distribution of funds

Safety: provides for enhanced data collection, requires setting of performance-related goals, restricts some funding if goals not met, and/or if strategic safety plan is not updated

Bridges: Bridges on the National Highway System would be funded under the National Highway Performance Program (new core program); bridges not on the NHS would be funded under STP. The 15 percent setaside for bridges of the federal-aid highway system on low volume local roads is retained.