Oregon Road Project Modified to Protect Pregnant Elephant

Oregon DOT will modify project to protect pregnant elephant. Image – Oregonian

This story will probably cheer some of you and infuriate others.

December 2012 update: Rose-tu successfully gave birth.

This summer Oregon DOT is repaving a road that is very close to the Oregon Zoo’s elephant exhibit. The construction noise and vibration could have a negative impact on the pregnancy of Rose-tu, the Zoo’s Asian Elephant.

For those of you in the “infuriated” camp, know that there is a high death rate for baby elephants in captivity. And the Oregon Zoo has one of North America’s most successful elephant-breeding programs.

Some of the heaviest construction near the zoo will happen during a critical period in the elephant’s 22-month gestation period. ODOT agreed to modify the construction plan to have the least possible impact on Rose-tu. The accommodation doesn’t sound to be particularly expensive.

Source: “Oregon Zoo’s pregnant elephant makes ODOT’s busy road construction season a little wilder,” Joseph Rose, The Oregonian