Obama Says Infrastructure Investment is a Second Term Priority

Fixing roads and bridges will be a top priority in coming years for President Obama. (Image – MSNBC)

Investing in roads and bridges will be a priority during his second term, President Obama announced Sunday. Transit also would be a priority, presumably, and the lack of mention was simply an oversight.

The President appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday. In response to host Matt Gregory’s question about second term priorities, the President commented:

“I’ve said that fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority. I will introduce legislation in the first year to get that done. . . .The second thing that we’ve got to do is to stabilize the economy and make sure it’s growing. Part of that is deficit reduction. Part of it is also making sure that we’re investing, for example, in rebuilding our infrastructure, which is broken. And if we are putting people back to work rebuilding our roads, our bridges [our emphasis], our schools, in part paying for it by some of these broader long-term deficit reduction measures that need to take place that will grow the economy at the same time as we’re also setting our path for long-term fiscal stability. “

This is good news for stakeholders. The President already has proposed $50 billion for infrastructure as part of the fiscal cliff deal. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to be approved for Congress.

The President has a number of big issues to work on over the coming four years. Let’s hope that he and his team follow through, and push infrastructure investment proposals hard on Capitol Hill.

Transcript of Meet the Press show