Meet the Wash. State Senate Transportation Members

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The Senate Transportation Committee is comprised mostly of very experienced Members with at least a few terms under their belt. Only two of the fifteen Members are new to the Legislature. A few are new/relatively new to the Senate, a few are in the midst of their first term, and a number have been in the Senate for quite some time.

It’s also a unique Committee, being the only one with co-chairs.*  According to Senate rules, both chairs must agree for a bill to pass out of committee for further action. That shouldn’t pose too much of an issue, the Committee has long been run in more of a bipartisan fashion than most Senate Committees.

On paper, the Republicans have an 8-7 edge over the Democrats. However it could be a 9-6 edge, since Democratic Senator Tim Sheldon aligned with Republican Senators to form the Majority Caucus.*

The lineups:


Co-Chair Curtis King, 14th District (Goldendale/Stevenson/Yakima area), serving since 2007

Don Benton, 17th District (Vancouver area), serving since 1996 in the Senate (one prior House term)

Joe Fain, 47th District (South King County) serving since 2010

Mike Carrell, 28th District (Steilcoom/Dupont area), serving in Senate since 2004 (ten years in House before that)

Jerome Devlin, 8th District (Kennewick/Richland/Prosser area), serving in Senate since 2004 (ten years in House before that)

Doug Erickson, 42nd District (NW corner of state), serving in Senate since 2010 (twelve years in House before that)

Steve Litzow, 41st District (Mercer Island area), serving in Senate since 2010

John Smith, 7th District (Colville/NE corner of state), new to Legislature



Co-Chair Tracey Eide, 30th District (Federal Way area), 4th term Senator

Steve Hobbs, 44th District (Lake Stevens/Mill Creek area), serving in Senate since 2006

Andy Billig, 3rd District (Spokane area), newly elected to Senate after serving in the House

Nick Harper, 38th District (Mukilteo/Everett/Marysville area), elected to Senate in 2010

Christine Rolfes, (Bainbridge/Poulsbo/Kingston area), appointed in July 2011 after serving in House since 2007

Tim Sheldon, 35th District (Belfair/Shelton area), in Senate since 1998 with six years in House before that

Mark Mullet, 5th (Issaquah/North Bend area), newly elected to Legislature)

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