$21.3m King County Metro Bus Grant Survives in 2011 Budget

Image: King County Metro

The final 2011 federal budget includes a $21.3 million grant for King County Metro’s to launch its second RapidRide bus line, reports the PI’s Scott Gutierrez (U.S. House approves $21 million for RapidRide bus line“). The grant was one of many that were at risk of being eliminated in the budget.

Gutierrez explains: “Rapidride is King County’s version of bus rapid transit, the idea that buses running in their own lanes with priority at traffic signals can run as reliably as trains but at a fraction of the cost. Rapidride buses have lower floors and three doors so passengers can board more quickly.

The “A” line launched in September with flashy red and yellow buses zipping up and down the Pac Highway between Seatac and Federal Way, picking up passengers every 10 or 15 minutes.”