How MAP-21 Affects Rural Communities – Webinar

The Mid-Columbia Economic Development District linked economic development to transportation issues. Image – Hood River bridge over the Columbia River, Flickr user dherrera_96.

Rural community transportation issues sometimes exist in the shadows, while the spotlight shines on major metro community transportation issues. The needs of rural communities may sometimes be different, but are nonetheless important.

“How to Use the 2012 Federal Transportation Bill to Strengthen Rural Economies” is a February 27 webinar (1pm ET) sponsored by Transportation for America.  Click here to register.

From T4A:

“Investing in a variety of transportation options — like public transportation, vanpooling, bicycling, walking and safe roads and bridges — are crucial for stronger, more resilient communities in our nation’s rural areas. It’s important to know how our new federal transportation bill (MAP-21) has changed the way communities will access transportation dollars and what these funds may be used for.”

Panelists for the discussion include:

  • Commissioner Kathy Rinaldi, Teton County, Idaho
  • Charles W. Fluharty, President and CEO, Rural Policy Research Institute
  • Chris Zeilinger, Director of Policy Development, Community Transportation Association of America
  • Georgia Gann, Deputy Director of Government Affairs, Transportation for America
  • John Robert Smith, President and CEO, Reconnecting America and Former Mayor of Meridian, MS (moderator)

Learn more:

Aligning Strategies to Maximize Impact: Case Studies on Transportation and Economic Development (pdf), a 36-page report looking at ten case studies on “how regional planning and economic development organizations are taking steps to coordinate planning processes and investment strategies, partner with new entities to improve outreach and and implementation, document progress through metrics, and communicate results in an engaging way”

The 2013 National Rural Transportation Conference is coming in April, sponsored by the National Association of Development Organization.