House Transportation Committee Schedules First Meeting

Capitol (House side). Image – Transportation Issues Daily.

The House Transportation Committee holds its first official meeting of the 2013-14 Congress this Wednesday. This is an organization meeting, and no legislative issues are expected to surface. Update: the Committee’s approved rules and oversight plan, can be found here.

New Chairman Bill Shuster commented that

“This will be the first official meeting of the Committee for the 113th Congress.  I look forward to getting to work to improve our nation’s infrastructure. These issues have a tremendous impact on us all – transportation affects how we live our day-to-day lives, how much time we spend with our families and friends, how goods get from one place to another, how much these goods and services cost us as consumers, and how competitive our businesses can be in a global marketplace.  In the coming months, the Committee will focus on strengthening the nation’s transportation network and reforming programs for a more competitive and prosperous America.”

The agenda of Wednesday’s meeting includes approval of:

  • Committee rules
  • Committee oversight plan
  • Subcommittee chairmen and ranking members
  • Subcommittee assignments

Information to be considered and approved will be available here.