Gov. Inslee’s Inaugural Speech Section on Transportation Issues

New Wash. State Gov. Jay Inslee briefly discussed transportation issues in his inaugural address. Image – Associated Press via The Oregonian

New Washington Governor Jay Inslee touched very briefly on transportation issues in his inauguration speech on January 16. Note: I just realized for some reason the story didn’t publish when it was scheduled to a few weeks ago.

“No economic strategy would be complete without a transportation plan that facilitates this growth. This session I expect to work with stakeholders who have already committed to a bipartisan plan to build an infrastructure for the next generation. In the next 10 years, our population will grow by approximately three-quarters of a million people, but we will not be adding one more square inch of dirt.

To honestly address our infrastructure, we have to recognize that creativity is as important as concrete. I
want us to turn our innovative spirit toward crafting a transportation package that includes roads, trains, light rail, buses, bike routes and other modes of transportation. We need ways to free capacity for freight and commerce, and rethink how we do the business of transportation in our state and how we use our transportation infrastructure.”