Freight Transportation and Economic Development: Nov. 14 Webinar

Trucks line up for for inspection at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo, Texas. Image -Mónica Ortiz Uribe.

Hurricane Sandy’s disruption to replenishing food, gas and other goods reminds us how important freight transportation is to daily life and work. Coincidentally an upcoming USDOT webinar will look at the role of freight transportation in economic development.

Freight Transportation’s Role in Economic Development
Wednesday, November 14
1:00 – 2:30 pm EDT
Register here.

Here is the description of the webinar:

“Efficient, safe, and secure freight transportation helps form the foundation upon our Nation’s economic strength rests. It allows businesses to move raw materials to factories and finished goods to and from markets all over the world. Freight transportation system is also important to economic development efforts, as cities and towns use their proximity to transportation facilities as a way to attract businesses and jobs.

This seminar will include presentations from several States and regions, describing how they successfully linked freight transportation with economic development, the strategies they have used to support economic growth and jobs, and how they have determined what essential investments in freight infrastructure are needed to support and enhance the State or regional economy.”

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