Federal Transportation 101

Because Map-21 was enacted so recently, in July 2012, previous “transportation 101” documents are now outdated. New reports will be published in coming months.

In the meantime you might find these resources helpful. Please contact us if you should encounter a broken link or would like us to add document link.

If you’re looking for our MAP-21 stories go here.

Our MAP-21 Learning Center has links to stakeholder reports and summaries, bill text, and USDOT MAP-21 webpages.

Our Federal Budget Learning Center for links to short, plain English overviews of where the money comes from, where it goes, and how the process works.

Our Pre-MAP-21 Reports page has links to Congressional and stakeholder reports designed to guide the drafting of what eventually became MAP-21.

Our authorization stories covered MAP-21 and SAFETEA-LU legislative, policy and funding issues.

Visit our Recovery Act transportation page (aka, ARRA or Stimulus bill) .



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