Boeing Says Strong Transportation Network Essential for 777x Plant Siting

Strong road, rail and aviation facilities are essential for any state wishing to land Boeing’s new  777x manufacturing facility. That’s according to a Boeing document obtained by The Seattle Times.

It’s ironic, given that Washington state – the onetime presumptive front-runner for the facility – has a legislature that continues to be deadlocked on a $10 billion transportation investment proposal. The Legislature did,  however, pass a package of tax incentives to entice Boeing.

Here’s what the Seattle Times reports as Boeing’s essential needs for a new facility:

  • An airport with a 9,000-foot runway capable of handling both the 777X and 747-400 jumbo freighters that could deliver parts.
  • Easy highway and road access to the site for delivering parts.
  • Direct access to the site by rail, including a dedicated rail spur right into the site. This is described as “a critical requirement to support delivery and shipping of parts.”

There is one other “desired” infrastructure feature: a seaport that can handle regular and oversized containers. Another “desired incentive” is “Accelerated permitting for site development, facility construction, and environmental permitting.”

A State winning the entire 777X work (i.e., engineers production workers, administrative and support staff) would gain 8,500 direct jobs at peak production in 2024.

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