Best Practices – State DOT Looking to Improve Bicycling Access and Safety

Image - MPRnews

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) holds the last of nine public meetings today to receive feedback on how to make bicycling safer and a more viable transportation option, and to guide the department’s approach to building roads in a more bicycle-friendly manner. MnDOT is also using feedback to help create the state’s first electronic-based map of bicycle routes.

MPRnews reports that MnDOT

is seeking input on what should be improved to make bicycling a safer and more usable transportation option, ideas for future bicycling accommodations on Minnesota roads and barriers to making improvements. Officials say the feedback they collect will help them improve and develop consistent policies and practices for including bicycle components, such as wide shoulders or bike lanes, on future highway and bridge construction projects. It also will help MnDOT develop a new electronic and printable statewide bicycle map.

“Minnesota is often recognized as one of the top bicycle-friendly states in the country, and the best way to continue improving is to learn from constituents who use the highways, bike lanes and shoulders to bike,” observed Tim Mitchell, MnDOT bicycle and pedestrian coordinator (“MnDOT wants to make bicycling safer and more usable”).

MnDOT held a webinar early this month and reports out some of the participant comments on bicycling in Minnesota.