Another Record Year Likely for Port of Prince Rupert

Canada’s Port of Prince Rupert, a key competitor for U.S. northwest ports, likely will set another annual growth record. Rupert has already exceeded last year’s shipments; so far 21 million ton of goods have moved through the port, compared to 20.3 million tons last year.

However, much of that number is due to exports of natural resources. The container story is different, particularly for imports.  So far this year Fairview Terminal handled about 281,033 import containers, compared to about 290,566 in 2012.


Two other terminals and products (grain and coal) of interest to Cascadia transportation and climate stakeholders:

“Prince Rupert Grain was the only terminal to see a year-over-year increase, climbing 4.03 per cent from 566,010 tonnes last November to 588,806 tonnes this November. The terminal is up 12.5 per cent so far this year having moved 4.76 million tonnes compared to 4.24 million tonnes.

Ridley Terminals saw a 70 per cent drop in year-over-year traffic, experiencing drops in every type of coal and moving 476,086 tonnes of product compared to 1.61 million tonnes last November. Despite the drop, RTI remains on track to beat last year’s number and is up 3.38 per cent at 10.99 million tonnes compared to 10.64 million tonnes.”

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