8 Things Revealed – or Not – About House Transportation Bill Last Thursday

House side of Capitol at dusk

The House will act on a five-year surface transportation bill in December, House Speaker John Boehner and House Transportation Chair John Mica announced Thursday (link to news release).

What was revealed:

  • Will be a five year bill
  • Funded in part with revenues from expanded energy production offshore oil drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf, oil shale, and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Will pass by end of the year
  • Title is “American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act”

What wasn’t revealed:

  • Exact timetable of legislative action(there are rumors of action beginning the week of December 5)
  • Detailed bill text
  • Amount of spending proposed by bill
  • Estimated revenue to be provided by expanded energy production

We already know the broad brush strokes of the House transportation bill, as Chair Mica released a 22-page summary of the proposal last summer.  The proposal consolidates existing programs, streamlines project delivery, eliminates earmarks, expands financing programs, and proposes to increase private sector investment. See House Transportation Bill 22-page Summary Now Available for details.